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Luc Belaire Rare Luxe

$40 $35.95 | 750ML Sold Out

Indulge in true French luxury with the Luc Belaire Luxe, an extraordinary cuvee made from 100% Chardonnay in Burgundy and blended with an oak-aged dosage from Chablis, home to some of France’s most famous vineyards. Created to be enjoyed over ice with fresh fruit to complement the wine’s rich, crisp bouquet. 

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Luc Belaire Luxe -Rosé

$40 $35.95 | 750ML Sold Out

Luc Belaire Luxe Rose is a gorgeous wine with timeless style. Made with a perfectly-balanced blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault from France’s best terroir and crafted by hand at their historic estate on the beautiful French Riviera. Belaire Luxe Rose may be served as an aperitif, with or without ice and fresh fruit, and is a wonderful match for cheeses and desserts.

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Blanc de Bleu

$25 $19.95 | 750ML Sold Out

Blanc de Bleu is a premium California sparkling wine with an added hint of blueberries. Delicate, dry and crisp, it is the perfect accompaniment for all of your memorable moments. Vividly pastel, Blanc de Bleu offers seductive flavors and fresh aromatic effervescence showcased in a bottle that dazzles the imagination.

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Mio Sparkling Sake

$45 $30.95 | 750ML Sold Out

Mio sparkling sake is crisp, mellow sweetness with hints of apple and pear. Mio brightens any special occasion and pairs beautifully with appetizers and desserts.

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What is Summer Water?

What is summer water? Is it just rose? We've been asking ourselves this question lately and finally found the answer. Summer water is more than just a drink it's a state of mine! For us it's the drink we pick up on a hot summer day with our favorite girls just to have a little fun in the sun. It's often times the pretty pale pink rose we all know and love, but it can also be any crisp bubbles made to be on ice, or little pale blue drink that is crisp too. The moral of the story is Summer water is what you make of it. So save water this summer and drink your favorite summer fizzes. Here are our top go to bubbly styles to enjoy this summer to beat the heat.

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As an annual member you get to choose from two great half bottles (375ml) to be included in your November Sip Box. Both bottles are from the prestine B.stuyvesant champagne brand, which is the only black and female owned and operated champagne house. Happy Sipping!

B.Stuyvesant Brut Reserve

I'm in the mood for the classics!

B.Stuyvesant Demi Sec

I'm feelin a little semi-sweet vibe today!

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