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There are so many different types of wine, it’s hard to keep them straight. But you don’t have to be a sommelier to understand the basics of wine, wine types, and flavors!

It's Confusing

Sparkling wine is a crowd pleaser for sure but with so much complexity around tasting notes, flavor profiles and a laundry list of wine jargon - it gets confusing, really fast.

The complexity can become very intimidating for many and scares people off. Even the most experienced sommeliers get stumped like the rest of us!

It's Expensive

A trip to wine country can cost a lot, and it can become frustrating to spend a ton of money on a bottle you might not even like.

Casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike are overwhelmed with choices. At times, you're basically spending your hard earned money on a pretty label and fingers'll like it.

Limited Access

Remember that on restaurant you went to and love the glass of Champagne you tasted - now where can you find it back home?

Most of us are limited to options based on what our local stores carry. Once you find your flavor, the hard part becomes getting more and discovering more.

Wine’s always been drinkable— we’re making it accessible!

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We make sparkling wine relatable.

Does anyone *actually* know what river rocks taste like? What does it mean to be “dry?” Every box comes with a helpful tasting guide that breaks down each wine in real-talk — no French or dictionary required.

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Try before you buy.

Is picking the prettiest label method failing you? Don't worry, we've all been there. Each one of our boxes comes with minis or half bottles to allow you to try more for a fraction of the price.

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We're a one stop shop.

Not only do you get to discover new brands with every new box, once you find your flavor, upgrade to the full-size bottle! We have a full selections of full-size bottles of all the sip's you've tried. So say bye-bye to hours of searching the internet for that bottle you loved.

Here’s what you get as a Sipper:

The box, baby

Each box contains 2-3 of the world’s top champagne or sparkling wines. Some from brands you’ve never heard of, and other old favorites. That’s $125+ of value for $54.95 (!)

Real-talk tasting guides

Does anyone *actually* know what river rocks taste like? What does it mean to be “dry?” Every box comes with a helpful tasting guide that breaks down each wine in real-talk — no French or dictionary required.

A community to sip with

Join The Sip Society’s monthly Thirsty Thursday virtual tastings with the founders and interact with fellow members, learn new things, and get bubbly.

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"Wine not get your friend a wine gift set? This adorable rosé gift box includes three mini rosé bottles your BFF can try to determine which one they like the best. It’s just what they need to spice up their Wine Wednesdays or Bachelor watch parties."

"The Sip ...make try new-to-you champagnes a little easier and affordable"

"While nobody needs an occasion to pop a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine, The Sip's bi-monthly boxes will be enough to get you in the mood to celebrate (for what reason, that's up to you)."

"The perfect addition to girl's night for women everywhere...The Sip takes the pressure off of the choosing and helps you give back at the same time."

"They (The Sip) have molded a model that fills a vital role ... offers consumers an additional pour of education and interaction."

"Giftable boxes come with luxury sparkling wines...It’s like a wine tasting delivered to your doorstep"