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This month's theme is all about Summer Water! This, of course, includes Rose, but also other fun trends like Champagne on ice? Become an annual member today and customize your box. Choose between a rose or white champagne on ice from Luc Belaire.

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I 'm a classic Summer water girl, give me rosé!

I don't shy aways from new trends, spice up my box!


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We'll send you three 187ml ( A split is equivalent to 1.5 glasses of wine, so the entire box will always include a minimum of 4.5 glasses of wine) or one 375ml (half bottle of wine) & one 187ml from different brands in each box. You will also receive a tasting guide, an exclusive Sip gift, and $10 in rewards towards full size bottle purchases of your choice.

When customization is available, you will be given the choice to either customize one bottle or one gift included in your box. The customization option will only be available to annual members. New annual members will customized their first box with their first purchase ( if customization is available) all existing annual members will receive an email and need to select their option in the given time.

Choose between an annual or bi-monthly membership. Both membership come with FREE shipping. With an annual membership you get and instant saving of $5 on each box when you pay upfront. If you're okay paying a little more and want more flexibility in deliveries bi-monthly is the way to go. With your bi-monthly membership you pay as you go and can skip any box you want. After each box you will receive $10 rewards for any full size bottle purchase. If your an annual member after your 6th box you will receive a bonus $15 off any Full size bottle purchase.

Subscription boxes are shipped out bi-monthly. Shipping months are: January, March, May, July, September and November.

We ship to the continental USA with the exception of: Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Hawaii, Alaska and Utah.

The purpose of the Starter Box is to provide new members the opportunity to experience THE SIP Box once the box of the month has sold out, while also reserving the next Sip Box.

As inventory for The Sip Box will always be limited, our hope is to allocate it for new members to ensure they’re able to get a little taste of The Sip now, without having to wait for the next Ship month to begin!

If you create a new Annual Subscription during the sale of an Initiation Starter Box, the Starter Box will count as the 1st Sip Box you reserve within the full 6- Bi-monthly box cycle. Reserve this box for FREE, as opposed to $29.95 USD, for a total of $299.70 USD ($Free for the Intro Box and then $59.95 per box thereafter- which you pre-pay).

If you create a new Bi-Monthly Subscription during the sale of an Initiation Starter Box, the Intro Box will be the 1st Sip Box you reserve for $29.95 USD, before your subscription renews at full price ($59.95 USD) thereafter.

By joining and receiving an Intro Box, you will reserve your membership for the upcoming month as well, ensuring you will not miss out if it sells out as usual.