White Tulip Flutes


If you are looking to enhance the aroma of your champagne and encourage the flow of the bubbles, we have the perfect flute for you! The Sip tulip flute is designed to generate more bubbles which not only makes it more impressive visually but also means the fizzy taste explodes in the mouth. Whether you are picking up a few to keep on hand for your next Sunday Brunch or gifting to friends for the perfect gift - these flutes are sure to impress.

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White - Green Logo (Set of 2)

White - Gold Logo (Set of 2)

White - Green Logo (1 flute)

White - Gold Logo (1 flute)

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This set of 2 Sip tulip flutes is an extraordinary addition for your next girls night or home wine bar cart.

  • Holds 130 ml pours

  • Perfect for everyday and all special occasions

  • Hand washing recommended

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